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Topic started: 09:52:39 20th Oct 2021

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Vicandius Posted: 09:52:39 20th Oct 2021

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You know, back in the day with dial up and DSL, the speed just wasn't there to keep up and you could click through and kill a bunch of ships before the page would load. Now with the higher speeds it moves too fast. So I googled up some info and here is a potential work around to help slow you down to speed you up. I am a PC type guy, so these are for couple browsers on it.

Firefox: Click the three bars at top right (applications menu)-- select 'More Tools' --- select 'Web Developer Tools' --- *this will probably pop up menu on bottom of screen-- along top of that pop up, click on 'Network' then on the right hand side look for 'No Throttling' click on that and select one of the options- 3G or so to make your pages load slower. Just remember to put it back to 'no throttling' when you are done.

Chrome: Similar- Click on 3 dots, select 'More tools' -- select 'Developer tools' -- look for Network along top of new menu and select it- look for 'No throttling' on top of a new menu- select it and change to 3G or one of the others to see what works best for ship killing. Remember to change back to 'no throttling' when done.

Edge: oh I hope you aren't using Edge.

Others- you'll have to figure it out yourself, you can add to the post in case someone else has that browser.

H911Reiver Posted: 15:01:04 20th Oct 2021

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So what I've been doing on that front is putting an SL tab in it's own window, and then ctrl+clicking my way through the list. This opens the kill windows in new tabs and doesn't cause any reloading to happen on your current window.

Then I can just close out the whole window to kill all the tabs at once.

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Iiridayn Donator Posted: 01:43:57 27th Oct 2021

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Much as I don't love making it easier to give someone else a bad day, I do like making it easier to play the actual game. H911Reiver's suggestion is what I would do, though I'd middle click instead of control clicking; so his is better ;).

Space combat in particular I feel should be able to be more engaging and less reliant on menus and browser tabs - ideally without introducing extra work that wasn't there before. I have no specific plans for improvements (did try to work with comet ages ago without success, now we have websockets instead).

One goal I have is that you see other ships moving even if you don't move yours/refresh the page. One thought I'd had was to use a click menu on the screen without taking you to another screen to dig through a list; the list affords some current defensive gameplay though which I'd have to factor into any changes (even if we discard it, it should first be considered).

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