Topic Title: Progress Update 2020-10-13 (Simple Topic)

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Topic started: 00:21:15 13th Oct 2020

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Iiridayn Donator Posted: 00:21:15 13th Oct 2020

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Hasn't been very long, but I've spent a while, and it's worth reporting both things.

First, When a planet is transferred to another player, all production goes to shield. Credit to Slay, who identified this as a possible solution for some cheating behavior which he noticed. On that note: you are still not allowed to cheat to get around the planet limit by sending planets to inactive players to be farmed. I'd rather spend my time with SL fixing code rather than banning players - please help me out here :).

The other - I touched 50 files today, editing out some calls and replacing them with others as a step towards simplicity (removing things from a PHP 4 style object and implementing a template system to promote proper MVC separation of concerns). However, if I made any typos (I think I caught all those that I made) and didn't catch them (I tested 90%+ of the changes I made), please let me know if any pages start throwing new errors - I'll also keep an eye on the error log for the next few days to see if anything pops up.

Thank you all, and fly safe :D.

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FORTRANshadow Posted: 08:07:55 14th Oct 2020

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Thanks, Iiri!

I've been wondering about those new planets owned by inactive players. The ones that I have found all appear to be set to production of non-defensive resources like Vital. I've been wondering if they are intended for farming purposes or if someone is littering space with "prizes".

Either way, it sounds like the new shield setting will solve that.

ReaperOfSouls Posted: 22:07:41 14th Oct 2020

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Thanks for the update Iiri!

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Alpha Code Posted: 06:43:34 17th Oct 2020

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I said something about this in discord a little while back as I noticed I would log in and have 25 planets but a few days later they would all go. But I was never on soon enough for it to be in my news.

In the end if I got on and I had a load of planets that weren’t mine I sat obliterating them all.

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