Topic Title: Intentions (Simple Topic)

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Topic started: 13:52:05 1st Mar 2018

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watupdogg Posted: 13:52:05 1st Mar 2018

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Dogg is back at The Swarm. Anyone is fair game except clan members obviously and a few select ex clan mates and people I do business with on a regular basis. If you have attacked any of my hws.. watchout ;)

Zerohours Posted: 18:02:54 1st Mar 2018

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I would like to buy 1 iron per day. If doing business keeps me safe :out:

I am here to help in anyway I can! Let's have fun!

Gold Rush Posted: 21:44:19 15th Mar 2018

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Just send me coords to a transport with 2 Mil I. I'll park one beside it with troops and do a daily trade :D

A True Underdog


Tom Bomadial Posted: 13:42:09 12th Dec 2021

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iI don't know how long I will be back to play for.
I will go with my original rules of engagement:
Leave me alone and I will leave you alone.
I am willing to let the past go.
All players past, present and future are covered by a non-aggression pact. Do not attack me and I will not attack you.

"Is not easily provoked"
It is not good to wake a sleeping bear

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