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This is for all newbs....

Whatever you do.....DONT MAKE A CLAN YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Instead follow my guide of finding out clan status, and, most likely, you will be fine. You will be referring to the first paragraph mostly, but as you progress you might want to look over it to see where you place in probability of joining a clan.

Look at points in the clans stats, and if they are zero, disregard them, if they are below 1K, its not worth it. If its below 5K with more than five members its a Newb clan, if it has 10K or more at same proportions as last one mentioned, it is a UAF recreation :D.

If it has 10K or more points with 1-3 members it is an active and average level clan. If it has 30K or more points with +10 members it is a strong and active clan. If it has 50K or more, it is an uber clan that you should not look into unless you recieve an invitation from them.

Thats how I rate them.

Note: Dont worry about total points, that doesnt matter, and dont worry about member counts only being 1, but instead, steer away from clans with 10 or more people in them unless they are a strong and very experienced clan.

Dont underestimate us, that would be a mistake. In war there is no second chances, and every mistake is a victory for your opponent.

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