By Naltsa Abe

5th Nov 2006

The sirens sounded at 7am GMT, the alarms signified the space around the planet was becoming distorted and that the enemy where about to drop into space. The Space Marshall ordered the defence to fire a burst at suspected drop points, the grand cannons mounted on the ships fired, the roar would have been heard all over the planet if launched from inside the atmosphere.

Missiles, lasers, chain guns, fire bolts, even experimental plasma bolts smashed into the first battleship that dropped into space, even with the shields up the bombardment got through. With a flash of light that illuminated the dark side of the earth, the massive ship exploded.

That time 10:46am marked the first of the Empires ships to our knowledge to ever have fallen in combat.

The guns again where quiet waiting for the next ship, we didn’t have to wait long, the second ship faired no better than the first, the brilliant flash illuminated the entire fleet.

After the loss of the second ship the empire changed tactics and dropped out of hyperspace out of our range, while we had a longer range we knew they would now start beaming troops to earth. The ground troops will be waiting now, the World at war again, but at least not with each other

Reports from the ground were good, the air strikes on the enemy troops wear successful. They first landed in china, near a Chinese army convoy of all things. The 1000 troops that landed took many Chinese soldiers with them but they were obliterated quickly. The second and third drops where in Europe and America, the efforts of both continents were enough to kill these soldiers as well.

The fighting off the planet’s surface became fierce the squadrons met in combat somewhere in the middle between the grand battleships. My squadrons took heavy losses as we attempted to protect a ship called the Dragon, the dragon itself was hit by a massive blast from the enemy flagship, but since it had withstood this attack we where determined it would not be destroyed by fighters.

The nuclear counter attack was enough to cripple 2 battleships, but the flagship the one that needed to fall withstood the attack without much problem, this created the problem that while we could and did destroy the 4 battleship escorts this monster had, unless the flagship was destroyed we were powerless to stop the empire here, with the fury of the entire earth the fleet turned its guns on this beast, from earth the Americans, Russians and Chinese launched nuclear warheads, the flagship Achilles fired her entire nuclear stock.

The Dragon and The SS Mississippi escort cruisers fired every battery at the flagship; the fighters probed the ship for weakness also. The Empire’s flagship took the attack, and the dragon already crippled was destroyed with a blast of the flagship’s guns.

While our battle in the stars was waging the planet was at war, millions of soldiers had been landed on the Earth, every country was fighting, in London the police fire arms officers where locked in combat with a large force of the Empire. In America LA had been wiped off the map, Moscow was under siege, the Great Wall of China was smashed aside. We were winning however, across the old battlefields of Europe the Empire’s troops where being destroyed, Russian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, British, Spanish, All had a hand in the attack upon the Empire. The Middle East fought and killed thousands of the Empire’s troops. The USA and Canada fought massive land and air battles against the empire.

The Chinese had fared well so far, the EMP missiles had taken every enemy fighter down, the troops the Chinese sent at the empire where constantly gaining ground. While the world fought with its heart in hand the Empire was being ground into dust.

However all knew, if the Empire’s flagship was not defeated, victory was impossible. The Achilles made a pass above the enemy ship and fired its batteries straight into the flagship. The fighters and the remaining cruiser, the SS Mississippi, where desperately trying to avoid the flag ships fire.

The breakthrough came after 3 hours of combat at 2:17pm, a wave of blasts from the Achilles breached the shield and smashed straight into the flagship, the blast from the flagship destroyed 7 fighters, the flagship now crippled, the fleet closed in quickly, firing everything they had at it, the Achilles beamed aboard a nuclear warhead in the chaos of the battlefield straight to the flagships power generators.

The 1000 Mega ton nuke did its job; the flagship’s batteries fell quiet. The great Ship exploded into millions of pieces, with it went the crew aboard the ship, the explosion arc came very close to destroying my ship, the Mississippi was caught in the blast and explosions could be seen bursting out of the sides.

The Achilles suffered a massive blast to her portside, the great vessel began falling to earth, the Mississippi blew apart into two, the crew are believed to have evacuated thou.

The Achilles shield started failing as it fell through the atmosphere, the engines had restarted but the speed was still too much, aimed at the pacific, Earth’s only defence was on a crash course. My squadron followed the ship in, or what was left of it.

The great ship smashed into the pacific near The Mexican coast, the tidal wave hit Hawaii, San Francisco, the remains of LA, and has devastated all of northern South America, and Central America is completely flooded.

A Sixteenth of the Earth’s population died that day, the war with the empire would not end here, we knew that, they will be back, unless we strike first

Diary of Squadron Leader Abe
1st Space Division


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