By Griffin Vengance

14th Jun 2005

The captain twisted uneasily in his seat next to the primeminister as the automated pod made it's way towards the surface of Twilight Citadel. He knew that while he himself needed to get to Command to co-ordinate his squadron, he also needed to get the primeminster safe and sound in an armoured building. He was a notified diplomat, one of the best writers of the age. The sooner he was safe the better.
The pod rumbled a bit as it entered the smooth atmosphere of Twilight Citadel, then got ready for a landing. They were in the countryside, but it was no big deal. The captain would be able to contact some air taxi to get them there quick.
"Admiral," the primeminister said, "Before we get back I'd like to say thanks...and I offer my condolenses on your ship. A few years back I lost the Taupanise. I know how hard that was for you. The flagship of the Griffin Navy is gone. You were both it's captain and an admiral. I'm sorry."
The captain didn't reply, except with some kind of mangled grunt.
The pod touched down in a clearing of a forest, it's thrusters happily accepting the soft, green comfort of the flowing grass.
The door opened.

All captains and commanders in the Anarchy in Da Galaxy Fleet were fitted with personal, implanted shields. It was in case a captain landed on a hostile planet and found some unwanted company. And unfortunately, while Twilight Citadel wasn't hostile it most certainly had unwanted aliens on it.
One of which had a bright blue gun pointed at the two men the moment the door popped open.
The captain, immediately reacting to this danger and seeing the aliens second digit start to move towards the trigger, activated his shield and threw himself in front of the primeminister.
A blast of blue hit the shield, and it flickered. The captain reached for the small arms compartment behind the primeminister's head, but saw it was open.
The aliens head split in two.
"Nice reactions," the captain complimented. He slowly popped his head out and looked around, making sure there were no more aliens about. He then unlocked the bigger arms compartment outside and got himself two rifles, a dozen laser grenades and some high-grade protection armour for the primeinister.
"Contact Command for a lift while I check if there are any more of those sons of *bleep*s aren't hiding around," he ordered. He raised his rifle and switched it's scope to infared, confirming there were none about. The alien must have been some scout guy.
"Captain!" the primeminister shouted, sounding rather distressed. "They say they're under attack! Under SIEGE!"
The captain whirled around, stunned. Then they both heard a burning sound, and wat according to the pod's ground-based sensors were over a thousand pods ripping through the atmosphere.
Two men and/or women for each pod.
Two thousand worth of sad, desperate crewmen.
Crewmen who wanted revenge.


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